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The mission of Shri. M. S. Ramaiah “To create a congenial environment to bring out latent talents through learner centered methodology in a stress free, supportive and safe environment.” This underlines the need for value education and focuses on the child, aiming to build a modern citizen who is universally acceptable. Truly, such a mission is proactive to the needs of the new millennium. It attempts to reach beyond the narrow boundaries of merely seeking academic excellence and fulfils a national need. It provides a safe and dynamic community that nurtures and educates the whole child, providing skills necessary to succeed in a changing society.

Navkis Educational Centre, Bangalore is a unit of Rams Education Foundation, Gokula, Bangalore and is a CBSE affiliated School which is co-educational in nature and caters to students from all walks of life from Grade 1 to Grade 12. The heritage and tradition left by, Shri. M. S. Ramaiah, has been continued by Shri. M. R. Ananda Ram, the Chairman of NEC. NEC Bangalore as the School is popularly known is located amidst residential surroundings housed in an environment friendly building and away from the hustle bustle of the city in a clean, non-polluting environment. A well-planned and an imposing building with spacious and modern classrooms, comfortable furniture and safe and calm ambience makes NEC, Bangalore an ideal place for learning

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