• At Navkis, the Primary School which constitutes years I to IV has strong focus on building the child as a strong, capable and resilient individual, rich with wonder and knowledge. We believe that these are formative years of the child and we focus on building curiosity and interest in the child to understand the world better.  Our pedagogy and curriculum focus at these levels is to enable the child to reflect, solve, create, grow and most importantly, think.

At the Middle and the High School:

  • The Middle and the High School programme pedagogy focuses on an inquiry based learning that involves engaging visuals and presentation formats, and well-crafted activities to arouse the learner’s curiosity. Students are engaged in various activities that build on their procedural, manipulative, observational, drawing, reporting and interpretive skills.  This enables them grasp all the concepts better.  In other words, the distinctive feature of our curriculum is that it provides students with ample opportunities to practise higher order thinking.

At the Higher Secondary levels:

  • English Core – is compulsory for both Science and Commerce Streams.

Science Streams

  • Group 1 - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology  (PCMB).
  • Group 2 - Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Entrepreneurship.
  • Group 3 - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science (PCMCs).

Commerce streams

  • Group 1 –  Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, and Mathematics.
  • Group 2 –  Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, and Entrepreneurship.

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