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Dated : Aug 27, 2022

Climate change, pollution, landfills and so much more are happening on earth at the moment. NEC is taking a bold step forward to do its bit to help our society and school go sustainable. Literally putting our teaching to practice. We're now supporting the efforts of Siyona Vikram, a 11 year old award winning podcaster, by joining her Little - WISE (Warriors Inspiring Sustainable Earth) Club. Siyona Vikram is raising awareness about the harmful effects of plastic toys on little children. Through her club, she's collecting back mainly plastic toys and other household plastics for an immediate effect on better air quality in children's homes. She has even raised a petition on for this. 

The Little - WISE Club is slowly but  surely targeting the plastics entering our landfills and water bodies. So far, the club has managed eliminate over 600+ kilos of plastic from 550+ Eco-warriors. We are proud to be one of the first few schools to quickly adopt this club.


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