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ECO Club -2019-20

Dated : Jun 28, 2019

None of us ever did great things,but we can all do small things and together do something wonderful.

The School has decided to launch a very special club. The Eco Club, Terra which focuses on the alarming rate of the environmental degradation and how we as the future generation can contribute our bit to the environment.

Despite the recent world Environment day,we rarely implement the Science that we learn beyond the four walls of our classrooms.

We often ask our teachers where we are going to use our lesson in our lives? However now we have taken a step forward to change this system of learning.

Why the  thought of CLUBS?

The Club could be a great opportunity for all to

  • Explore interest and create broader participation
  • Higher Self Esteem
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership Quality
  • Social opportunities
  • Productive Breaks &
  • A give back to the society


Terra, the Eco Club has numerous activities lined up for the upcoming year like Charcoal pouches, Toat bags, Talk shows, Walkathon and much more.

                Air Pollution is the theme of this year’s Environment day, which lead us to choose charcoal pouches as our first activity.

                The main aim behind this activity is to be able to fancily store charcoal which is a great absorbent of the pollution in the surrounding air. These bags could be hung around as a decorative piece as well.

Through this activity, the students can learn easy and small ways to contribute towards prevention of air pollution.

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