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ECO Club -2019-20

Dated : Jul 05, 2019

Until one has loved Animals a part of ones’ souls remains unawakened

To instill this very thought and to awaken the younger minds about the decreasing rate of Urban Wild Life around us. We had Ms Sanjana from the ‘People for Animals’ to come to our school and talk about how this organization adopts and feeds all kinds of animals which are hurt or ill-treated.

The students learnt about what to do and what not to do in case they see a wild animal around them, like snakes.

They got to see many videos from the PFA of how they care of even very small animals like squirrels and also large wild animals like deer who are mostly victims of road accidents

There was light thrown on how we can indirectly be the reason for decline of animals around us as well as the Wildlife, so the students learnt about how they could do their bit in their day to day life to rescue the number of deaths of animals.

At the End of the second Activity of the ECO Club, The Territes were very enthusiastic to go to the PFA and help as Volunteers. This was a fun and great activity which came in with a lot of learning.


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