Student's Articles

Student's Articles

News Makers Meet

Dated : Nov 29 2019

Report on Times Newsmaker's Meet held on 29-11-2019

The  Times Newsmaker's Meet was held in association with SOULFUL at Chhetri Hall Parachute Regiment, JC Nage, bengaluru on 29th November 2019. The meet focused on the topic 'Abundance of food,Lack of nutrition'. Two to four students were selected as the school reporters and were part of this amazing programme, which commenced at 10 am.

The gathering of around 450 students from over 200 schools of Bengaluru was welcomed by Col. GD Vashishta followed by an inaugural dance by students of Army Public School. Then MS. Rasika Prashant, Chief Marketing Officer of SOULFUL,took over the stage and spoke o the advantages of growing and consuming Ragi which is an ancient millet of India.' We bring this ancient grain to today's trending socienty 'she said. She inspired us to be more productive and do something good for the society. She quoted 'Mke local go global'. We learned that super foods like fox nuts and millets of SOULFUL provide better nutrition.

Mr. Ryan Fernado,celbrety nutritionist,counselor and founder of QUA Nutrition Clinic, was then invited on to the stage to speak on the pressing of 'Abundance of Food , Lack of Nutrition'. With the hel of a live experiment he explained the awareness of high sugar levels in packaged food. " To remain healthy, one must reduce sugar intake and cut down on junk food.Ensure you have a healthy breakfast and adequate water throughout the day",he said. A Q& A session followed by his talk, in which the participating students fielded may questions to Mr.Ryan Fernando.

An Eminent journalist made the gathering aware of the power of journalism with an interesting stoy of resteryears. Some selected teachers and students were also honoured with star correspondent awards for their contibution awards to the NIE newspaper and the event concluded at 1.00ON,


_Dhriti Shreya Parida


The NewsMaker's Meet, TOI

Dated : Dec 02 2019

Nowadays, Children of my age rely on taste, convenience and availability. That is, they prefer junk food more than homemade food.

Nowadays, Children of my age rely on taste, convenience and availability. That is, they prefer junk food more than homemade food.
My Friends - Dhrithi Shreya Pariada , Shreyas S Das  accompanied me to the annual Newsmakers meet from Times Of India in association with soulful.

A learned nutrionist ,Ryan Ternand made me and my friends realize our guilt in taking and enjoying junk food and packed food. He also made us realise that the manufacturers of these products are scared to admit their own nutritional values any packed item displayed.

The Meet also provided shippets and tips on how to write down reports, reviews, articles etc. We are very proud  to part of this meet and I hope I will get a chance to be a part of it in the coming year.

Shruthi R Alse,

VIII B, 2019-20



International Championship

Dated : Nov 28 2019

Dance makes me feel Good about myself!

Dance makes me feel Good about myself! it makes me feel complete, and pursuing it maked me feel proud!

An opportunity to compete with 9 foreign countries and 150 Indian teams knocked my door through the International Dance fest held in Delhi. I have won the Interntational Championship and soom along with my team will be representing India at Italy. I could ot have done this without the support of my school and my academy- Rock Breakers Dance academy . Expressing my gratitude with this small testimonial

- Sonal S Jain 

X'B' 2019-20

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